Friday, 11 December 2009

New Year Resolutions from a woman who needs to be resolved!

I have decided to come up with some resolutions, largely because this time next year I can have this huge feeling of satisfaction if I manage, oh, even one of them! Please note that no resolution is about deprivation or giving up things. Bollocks to that. I would be interested to hear any resolutions you might have, they are probably better than mine, which are a bit rubbish, but thats the thing with resolutions.


1 I will reconnect with the Gothic community who are lovely people and I have still not got to know as well as I should and because I am missing a bit of darkness and sparkle.

2 I shall obtain an Edwardian Riding suit. In velvet. Any Edwardian Riding Habit makers out there note: possible customer. However I will not go any where near a horse. Unless I am betting on it. And this year I will remember to bet on the Derby. 

3 I will, will, will go to Rhythm Riot next November...anyone want to share a chalet?

4 I'm a painter, I shall paint a portrait, write a childrens book or at least learn to bloody sew.

5 I must not mellow out but remain a bad tempered stroppy minx.... age shall not wither her tendency to drink 4 gins and turn into class warrior/twatkid hater/sarf london supremacist. Even if it annoys Irishmen. Everything annoys Irishmen.

6 I will sort out my underwear draw.

7 An effort to learn how to lindy hop/jive or something will be attempted.

8 It is imperative that more cocktails must be consumed! 

9 I will make the effort to have a birthday party... that means at least enquiring about it.

10 I will continue with this blog, because although it is doggerel I am touched that anyone reads it and hope it provides another distraction from your working day. It is appreciated. I wish everyone a splendid 2010!

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Sue George said...

Excellent ideas. One year my resolution was "go to more parties" which worked quite well, and in 2010 I think it shall be "dance more". As ill-health has precluded much dancing in 2009, that should be easy enough to do.

And more cocktails is always a good plan.



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