Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Off to Camber..

For Rhythm Riot on Friday, and around and about London before then! I'll be back with photographs and a report next week. Meanwhile if anyone else is there and recognises me please say hello. I'll be friendly I promise (unless I am tipsy in which case I might be incoherent!). Details of last year's shenanigans can be found here:

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Blast from (my) past...

I have always had an ‘off’ dress sense and it hasn’t changed much. Black Victoriana, corsets, leather, purple tights, fake leopard fur and jumble sale dresses have always been there. I have always hated bare legs (on me and others), sleeveless tops, short skirts and white shoes.  My attitude to blondeness has been ambivalent and tanning is a strange diversion and for me, more daring than a rubber dress.  I found an old image of me, taken in Japan at the end of 2004. Rocking the 30’s. I like the perm, but sadly curls and colour seem to be impossible (cue sharp intakes of breath from every hairdresser I know). I am never going to regularly set or have a hair rolling routine. Life is too short.  I don’t look as nice now. I put it down to the much higher income, thrice weekly journey to the gymnasium and huge amounts of cocktails consumed in those days.  I’m posting a picture of the bearded one from about the same era, just because. Minn xxx

Me in late 2004, Yokohama Japan.

Bearded one at about the same time...


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