Wednesday, 11 April 2012

West Norwood Feast.

The bit of London that is Norwood is an enigma to many Londoners, especially those who live up North. It is actually one of the largest areas in the capital, stretching all the way from Tulse Hill to South Norwood and including areas like Belvedere, Sydenham, Crystal Palace, Norwood Junction, Central Hill, Knights Hill and Gipsy Hill. For most it is merely the place that has three identifiable train stations.

It doesn't help that until very recently Lambeth council has virtually ignored its Northern regions pouring millions of pounds into that virtually unsalvageable wen Brixton (also loveable in a few scuzzy ways) and allowing Norwood and Streatham to slowly decay. Of course we also have our fair share of shootings, monosyllabic morlocks in hoodies and those twin signs of poverty: all night barbers and friend chicken shops.

This aside the place is diverse, the rich and the poor are still shoved together unlike other London areas which have been totally gentrified. The place is a rich artistic stew of influences and activities. With a roll call of famous past residents, a heavy presence in classic films and not a few artists and craftmans plus some industry it is an interesting place; just one that hides it's charms.

The residents of West Norwood, most famous for it's cemetery, grand Spurgeon church,literary connections and the fact that Adele used to live above the local plastic shop, have decided to take matters into their own hands. On  the first Sunday of every month a  stalls and traders appear like mushrooms clustering in little patches and corners of the area to do what the locals do best, meander about, eating and drinking. Especially the drinking.I had a quick wander around the first one of the year, fortuitously on a fine sunny day and took some photos. The home page for the West Norwood Feast can be found here.

It is called the Norwood Feast and has a little vintage market, crafts market, food area and garden market. Additionally there is live music and a play area for local urchins. I wandered around and took some piccies:

The Jerk chicken boys, South London has the best jerk chicken, stuff Nandos.
Sitting in the sunshine in front of the beer, cider and mead tent.

Vintage  suits
1930's manicure case

Food stalls outside St Lukes.


charlotte said...

looks like a great day!

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