Thursday, 12 April 2012

*Stop press* Chap Olympiad Tickets on Sale.

I don't like sport, it bores me rigid. I don't begrudge those who do their fun, but I regard the Olympics as an immoral corporate money making exercise. Small nations cannot afford to send teams and those that do are patronised. It is supposed to be a beacon of equality yet nations that effectively ban an entire gender from sporting life are welcomed. Londoners have paid towards this yet receive nothing but inconvenience, danger and hordes of tourists (which we have any way during any given year). Wonderful cultural projects have been shelved perhaps permanently and heritage projects abandoned which may permanently damage our country. Large numbers of the transient jobs created went to non-Londoners and many of the contracts were filled abroad. We are likely to make a loss on this and Stratford's new facilities are of no use to us in South London where our sporting facilities are being allowed to rot.

However fortunately we have the Chap Olympics. It is amateur, anyone can come and everyone has a chance of competing. This year it is spread over two days, the Sunday already being termed by many the Para (lytic) Chap Olympics. There is the option to sit around and do very little, the option to dance, you are in the generally civilised environs of Bloomsbury and there is no need to don revolting lycra or even more revolting trainers. Additionally little chaps are welcome as are little canine chaps (although the latter can end up suffering from sausage fatigue as everyone feeds them).

Of course every event has it's set backs. The weather is unpredictable (veterans of the great deluge of 2011 will recall enjoyment was wrung out of damp picnic blankets anyway). And the booze prices can seem steep, although I suspect they will be a darn sight cheaper than those at the 'other' event. Also you do have to pay, twenty squiddlies a day (£30.00), which seems perfectly reasonable to me for hours of good sometimes decent fun.  Security and licensing are not cheap in London. On the other hand all Londoners have to factor in is the price of the night bus home, and the alcoholic refreshments.

One of the nice elements of the event is the diversity of competititors and spectators. Steampunks, Goths, tweed clad explorers, fifties pin ups, stray RAF officers, wandering bedouin, swimmers looking for water, evening dress clad gigolos and victorian clergymen all wander around happily. The people in fake taches and flapper headbands are in a minority that can be happily welcomed. Hopefully the fun had at this event will survive in my memory long enough to cancel out what is to follow (I am planning a twin peaks/game of thrones dvd watching marathon for the end of the month to replace the hours of lycra on television).

Tickets and details can be found here 
Also information about past Olympiads here

Hope to see some of you there! xx


LollyWillowes said...

My sentiments exactly on the wretched event, brings me out in hives every time it's mentioned and for the same reasons. Unfortunately I don't live within even toe dipping distance of London so the chap event is a non starter, but it does look fun, what a great place to people watch!

Vintage Scans said...

Bloody tickets still haven't arrived.
Should they get here before the event, we'll be staying in as near a hotel as we can get and I shall hope to set new records of drunkenness.

Oh, there should be natty new WDI enamelled badges available for purchase too.

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