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Vintage Grand Inquisition part 2 Inspirations.

It was time to get down to the nitty gritty in the survey and see who you admire: 
Well there were quite a variety of inspirations, again refreshing.  Not a bunch of predictable dullards us! There were some favourites. The most popular 10 chaps were:
Bertie Wooster was by far the most popular inspiration for the chaps, proof of a sense of humour perhaps as he is in the books inclined to vulgarity! The always impeccable Jeeves gets a couple of mentions too. I suspect it is Mr Wooster’s lifestyle that is envied as much as his look… I know you all want to drink martinis and nick copper's helmets...

Duke of Windsor, quite a few people pointed out they didn’t like him much, so style divorced from character for many.

Oscar Wilde. The presence of Oscar and Beau prove the allure of the dandy continues.
Cary Grant

David Niven
Beau Brummell
Humphrey Bogart
Terry Thomas. Pleased to see a cad so popular.

James Bond. I am presuming most mean the Sean Connery incarnation but who knows…
John Steed
Interesting suggestions included Arthur Askey, Felix Yusupov Ludwig II of Bavaria, Baudelaire, Micheal Collins, William Blake, Jack Hargreaves 

The ladies were similarly eclectic in their choices,  although not perhaps in their first choice:
Dita von Teese, I was a little disappointed by this although there is no doubt she looks lovely and is the public media face of 'vintage'.

Rita Hayworth. Surprising far more popular than Marilyn or Grace Kelly. Ava Gardner was popular. Was it because their femininity seemed less stereotypical?

Ava Gardner
Wallis Simpson Again not a popular lady, but again marvellously stylish, think she took the Chanel look to heart.
Miss Lemon from Poirot, she isn't described as particularly attractive in the books but always wears the most fantastic clothes in the television series. And she is capable and modern.

Bettie Page  Bettie and Marilyn represent the sex pot inspirations..
Marilyn Monroe
Coco Chanel
Wallis Simpson Again not a popular lady, but again marvellously stylish, think she took the Chanel look to heart though rather than being completely her own stylist.

Queen Elizabeth 1st
Grace Kelly.
It was good to see the female inspirations were largely speaking powerful women. Interesting inspirations included Frida Kahlo, Marie Lloyd, Vivien Westwood, Helena Bonham Carter, Lee Miller, Morticia Addams, Debbie Harry,Courtney Love and rather shockingly, Alexa Chung.

I’m going to copy some of the replies below to give you a flavour of the responses, they are anonymous but if anyone wants one taken off just bung me a line. I’d like to have included all but in the interests of brevity cannot!
‘Elizabeth Taylor - this is the most straightforward style inspiration. I love her overall style from the 50s and wish I could copy them wholesale (the nipped-in waist! the hair! the perfectly groomed eyebrows!) Jamie from - I really like her portrait series of interpreting the looks of vintage icons--she's great at doing vintage-inspired without looking half-assed or costumey. Barbara Stanwyck - I aspire to her sass.’
'Myrna Loy, Claudette Colbert, Annette Hanshaw, Chrissie White (silent film actress... utterly amazing, funny, inspirational, gorgeous!)'
'The original House of Worth (1890's), Madame Gres, Bette Davis'
'Gee that's a tough one! I don't really look to emulate anyone in particular. I get most of my inspiration from blogs and don't really pay much attention to 'figures'/famous people past and/or present.'
'I have no real style inspirations, if I admire someone it seems to be more for something other than style, like personaility or wit.'
'Hasse Ekman (1915-2004, Swedish actor and director) Jan-Olof "Jolo" Olsson (1920-1974, Swedish writer) Dr Faustroll (character in a short story by Alfred Jarry)'
'The Count of Monte Cristo Oscar Wilde Lain Coubert'
'Laurie R. King's Mary Russell Diana Gabaldon's Claire Beauchamp Fraser Maisie Dobbs from from Jacqueline Winspear's series'
'Christian Dior Claire McCardell Gretchen 'Gertie' Hirsch'
'Gianni Agnelli, Marcello Mastroianni, 50's rockers' style'

'I don't find individual figures stylistically inspiring, those I admire most dressed to best fit their personality and body - which I am trying to accomplish for myself.'
'Carmen Miranda, Frida Kahlo, Rita Hayworth'
'Erm, why does this survey stop at the 50s? My favourite decade is the 60s! The Beatles wives and 
girlfriends, Marianne Faithful, Frencg 60s singer like Sylvie Vartan have all been a huge influence!'
'General Gordon, Lord Mountbatten, Geoffrey Booza-Pitt'
'1. Archie Goodwin (of The Nero Wolfe books) 2. Humphrey Bogart 3. Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins (of Devil In A Blue Dress)'
'James Joyce - Baudelaire - Henry Miller'
'Dovima, Audrey Hepburn, Jean Patchett.'
'My great-grandmother, Margaret Caldwell Ogilvie, a milliner. Catherine Deneuve. The Flapper.'
'William Powell, Edward III, Marc Chevalier'

For what it is worth Minerva’s top three were:
Theda Bara
Lily Langtry
Miss Marple.
But then again I'm a bit vulgar....

So what do you think of these suggestions, surprising or predictable? I'd love to know....


ReeRee Rockette said...

Why disappointed that Dita was up there???

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

Interesting. I'm in the middle of a Wodehouse at the moment and if I was a chap I'd bung Uncle Fred in there for good measure. And in fact any regular of The Drones Club! I like your choice of Theda Bara x


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