Monday, 25 July 2011

The Tea House Theatre in Vauxhall.

Some friends of mine have bought the Queen Anne pub in Vauxhall (a well known and perhaps the oldest stripper pub in London) and have worked wonders making the most of it's period features to turn it into a tea rooms/theatre. I've watched with interest as many of my family used to live literally next to this establishment and indeed have a bit of a history with the pub (pre-stripper days). Took an inexpert snap but it shows what a lovely venue it is going to be. It will most likely be called the Tea House Theatre although it is early days yet.

Web site: Tea House:


LollyWillowes said...

Oh, that looks like it's going to be lovely, Vauxhall makes me think of Rebecca Sharp and Joseph Sedley!

Anonymous said...

Shame they dont update their site then as they are promoting something from April - However I have heard the tea aspect has started very well!

Anonymous said...

went there with my friend late morning on Saturday and what a wonderful surprise it was in an area I used to live close to many years ago.

A complete re-vamp of what was an ex-strip joint and up until now a boarded up pub. It now has large windows looking onto the autumunal colours outside and inviting comfy sofas. Old worldy kind of place, friendly and helpful staff and yummy food at a reasonable price- we shared a pot of tea, toast with 2 different jams and gammon and mustard (huge) sandwich! But PLEASE PLEASE update your website with some nice photos and your menus so that I can show it to my partner and his friend who are looking for somewhere to celebrate their birthdays together in December.. will be back and try one of the cakes next time myself!

Anonymous said...

Shame it didn't remain a class joint for discerning gentlemen!

R.I.P Denise

Anonymous said...

Was very happy and excited to have won a Duchess Tea for 2 (price £25)in a raffle. Very DISAPPOINTED 4 stale finger sandwiches, 3 stale brownies with a scoop of melted icecream, tastless scones and we overheard the manager say don't give them any cake.

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