Friday, 27 May 2011

Frisky and Mannish at Udderbelly.

Frisky and Mannish.
Off to the South Bank last night in the eye of a raging storm. We were off to see Frisky and Mannish at Udderbelly. We see a lot of cabaret which makes us a bit jaded and somewhat fussy.  I had heard good things about this pair and enjoyed the show. Frisky is the lady of the duo, curvy,schoomistressy and plummy she has a stonking voice. Her partner, Frisky, is slight, provides musical accompaniment and apt comment. There is no ‘straight’man, the couple are very much performers in tandem. The performance itself is high camp and barbs directed at the world of pop and delivered using the pairs comic timing, Frisky’s voice and some audience participation.

It helps to know your pop music but barbs were well delivered and the victims deserving. I am not a fan of Florence and the Machine and enjoyed the deconstruction of her ouvre immensely. Other highlights included a music hall version of the Pussycat Dolls and a performance encompassing all the ‘ages’ of Madonna. 

I liked the purple cow tent, inside it was an intimate space and all the seating was close to the performers.  Outside there is a mini-pleasure garden with small wooden pagodas, heated seating, a connect four game, table football and a bar. A much nicer place to wait for entry than queuing on the street or being shoehorned into a theatre bar. It was curious watching the performance with such a 'vanilla' crowd but they were really responsive, the suits were not lager louty and some seemed to be repeat viewers of the performers so it was fine.

Frisky and Mannish are on again at Udderbelly on the 7th June, 

Redlegs has a suggestion for a nice night out on the South Bank, especially sans thunderstorm:
Early dinner at Canteen under the Festival Hall.
Quick wander around the Festival of Britain display in the Festival Hall.
Quick drink in the Udderbelly  Garden.
Performance at Udderbelly.


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