Monday, 23 May 2011

Accomplice: Interactive theatre from Menier Chocolate Factory.

I spent yesterday participating in ‘Accomplice’ an interactive theatre experience organised by the Menier Chocolate Factory theatre.  Part performance, part walk, part treasure hunt it involves actors playing characters from a heist, the solving of clues, some drinking, some walking and and not a few cellars. I can’t really go into great detail as it would spoil the experience of anyone planning to take part but Cilit Bang and pole dancing play a part.

Initially the experience feels somewhat stilted, but as you go on and you get used to the process it becomes more enjoyable.  The clues are not particularly difficult however our group had its dim moments, but there is help (you are monitored) and receive help should you become lost, tardy or just misplace your brain cells along the way. Having worked in London Bridge for a while and being a Sarf Londoner I knew the places visited but it doubles as a tour of some of the South Banks more obscure corners. 

This would be an excellent start to a hen or stag night (pre booze binging) or birthday celebration as you can book in teams of ten. Although not much walking is involved it set us up nicely for our meal (at Pont de la Tour) afterwards. 

Minn x


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