Friday, 4 March 2011

Time goes by...

Nothing much to report, the last week has involved earning my salary: hmmmm. Studying: double hmmmm. And being irritated by the Chap of the Year competition. Not the competitors but some of the complete and utter twats that find their way there to 'comment'. It is dispiriting the number of self delusional pompous twerps who are mistakenly drawn to that page. If you get a chance go on there, vote, and write something civilised or if you want to get rid of stress find an idiot to insult and join the fray.

It is happening partially to promote the new book from the Chap magazine bods. One of the best parts of that magazine is the 'Am I Chap' section where gentlemen and ladies send their photographs to be assessed for Chappist qualities, naturally the majority are thoroughly and scabrously insulted. The book should therefore be a giggle. People forget the magazine was forged in the fires of absurdism, the occult and anarchism.

My phyzzog has appeared in two French magazine articles this month, both of the pictures making me look even more awful than I am in the flesh and I have been studying the results of the survey. I will be posting the results soon, as soon as I find a way of getting my nice charts from Excel onto Blogger (suggestions welcome!). A big thank you to all who replied, there were a lot of interesting responses and the very few nasty ones where obviously from people with low self esteem.

Here in the UK our appalling government is revealing it's predictably dire policies and what with Spring still being just around the corner rather than here we all need a rant. I would like to recommend a new blog that does this rather deliciously: Bitterness and Gin :have a look.

And on that note I wish everyone a good weekend!  Minn x


LandGirl1980 said...

"twerp ".

I must use this word more. There shall always be twerps out there - makes the wonderweb what it is I guess. But throwing vicerol at them does make one feel better!!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

nice to see you, you've been missed, just popped over to that blog, I shall immerse myself in that at some point, I've certainly followed!!

Vintage Scans said...

You spoil me, Missus.

Retro Chick said...

Hmm, the world is full of twerps, sadly!

I resorted to doing a screen grab of my excel charts and posting them into the blog as a picture!

Vintage Scans said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vintage Scans said...

Just in case you are interested, the Burlesque Name Generator on Bitterness and Gin has been 'refined' to add a bit more fun. You'll be OK, Minn, but some will not be best pleased with their new names.

Also, I'd just covert the Excel into a graphic as Blogger doesn't really support anything else.
If you fancy it, sling it my way and I'll be happy to do it. Or you could just link to one of those fancy file hosting sites.


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