Thursday, 28 October 2010

Social Secretarial Setbacks!

I bought a new, ferocious little camera for the purpose of putting more images on this blog then realised blogger and iPhoto don't like each other very much. I now think this may be resolved but only the weekend will reveal the truth! The question is what to photograph, I'm wary 'bout pictures of my own unphotogenic phyzzog but perhaps pictures of lovely ladies in London in frocks? Or should I photograph my dinner? The insanity that is London or just pictures of dogs. You can't go wrong with a cute puppy. We'll see. At the moment I am still seeing more nurses and needles than interiors of glamorous clubs, although some of the nurses have been easy on the eye. But this shall change. If anyone is particularly interested in seeing a particular aspect of life/vintage life in London let me know, and if I can I will oblige! Over and Out.


Mim said...

I took a camera like the one in your photo out recently - they're great fun. (I've just bought Mr Robot a late 1930s Voigtlander for Christmas.)

I'd love to see more of some of London's amazing buildings, especially as you probably know of some fab ones country mice like me have never heard of.

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

I'd like to see your phyzzog, personally. It is always nice to see the face behind the blog; I was quite shy in front of the camera myself when I started, but eventually relaxed and now it doesn't bother me at all (having control fo the 'delete' function helps enormously)

superheidi said...

That's odd. I have no problems with iPhoto and Blogger. My iPhoto saves all pictures in the general images folder (in an iPhotofolder) on the hard drive and I pick and choose from this folder when I'm adding/uploading one or more photos to a Bloggerpost.

You've got one of the greatest cities at hand, why hesitate? Go for it!

Vintage Scans said...

Ladies' boobs. And bums too. And legs. Maybe just ladies sans apparel.

RedlegsinSoho said...

Watch out WDI that camera of mine is coming to Rhythm Riot.. who knows what I'll end up photographing! x

And ladies thanks for the input, I'll start with the famous Tooting stone pineapple. x


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