Sunday, 16 May 2010

Warning: Guerlain Rose Eternal no 161 might be discontinued!

It is sometimes a quandary, when you default lipstick is red, red and redder, what to wear on those days when pillar box shades are too much but you know there is no way YOU are going to be caught with something nudey beigey glossy and blah on your lips. Guerlains Kiss Kiss lipsticks are rich in pigment and more mattish than they seem in the tube. They are also highly scented which I like but some don't. Shade 161 Rose Eternal is a lovely mid blue pink with a piece of red pizazz still loitering in the mix. It could authentically be a 1930's or early 1950's shade and despite being a wearable daytime shade has enough colour to match any style of clothing, except perhaps denim, beige and casual cotton. Perhaps this is the reason that a sales assistant warned me it might be on the way out, something she didn't understand. So if any of you wear this shade, best stock up just in case!


Katei Chutzpah said...

Love love love Guerlain. One of my favourite brands as is their 'Kiss Kiss' range in the various guises since launch. Great colour and brand for grown ups.

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