Thursday, 29 October 2009

The first disturbing line..

The first line of anything is a disturbing thing to have to write. There, I have done it, no less disturbed though. This blog is titled 'red legs' because I have a thing for red tights...and a tendency to wear them in Soho. I will use this blog to review, chew over and opine on matters relating to life in London, or nightlife in London. Probably with a vintage slant, because let's face it, mod cons, democratic freedoms and the right to watch reality television aside; modern life is crap. They did it all so much better in the thirties.
Hopefully I won't offend anyone and potentially I might be helpful. This isn't my first blog, I have been involved in others, usually as part of a team. This is designed to give me something to do on those long late nights when I am forced to earn my daily shilling.

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