Thursday, 18 August 2011

Vintage Mafia Sale and Social: This Sunday!

Just a reminder that this Sunday is the Vintage Mafia Social and Sale where some of us are selling lovely things that don’t fit us or we have duplicates of. This now includes some 'men’s bits 'courtesy of Ed and Sean. Stray boyfriends now have the option to drink beer and shop so there is every chance of persuading them to abandon footie, the pub (what do men do on a Sunday? I have no idea) to come with you.  It is even featured in Time Out this week so come along early to grab some goodies!

The general Spitalfields area is at its liveliest on a Sunday. Not many realise that this is a historic hang over from the area’s Jewish history when things closed on Saturdays. So Sunday is the day to visit the area and nose around Spitalfields market and Brick Lane but don’t spend any money there as we will definitely have the best value stuff. Even if you have just a little money (and we all know that feeling) pop along, have a look, come and say hello and treat yourself to a meal in a cup; otherwise known as a milkshake.

One thing I am selling is a well fabricated reproduction classic fifties dress by TopRunway, made to measure for me just before I shrunk and too well tailored to be cheaply adjusted. In a medium weight aubergine cloth with white collar and cuffs it is a wonderful curvy size 12-14, absolutely pristine and a bargain at £30. 00 as I paid £53.00 and have never worn it (fuzzy image above). It will make you look like Kim Novak or any number of Hitchcock heroines. I’m going to have to order another one because I really like the design.  Another thing that I have decided to sell is a gorgeous fifties red straw skull cap trimmed with gorgeous berries and leaves, beautiful but lost against my ginger locks. Needs a nice brunette barnet to rest on!

Hoping to see you on Sunday. xxx


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