Friday, 23 September 2011

Vintage inspired suits for autumn

Recently I saw a photograph of a few ladies at a ‘vintage’ event.  Everyone looked lovely. Quite a few were rocking what is the easiest vintage look in town, a ponytail, a circle skirted dress and big red lipsticked grins. To my mind that is without doubt the best and cheapest vintage accessory in town; a big red smile.  Anyone reading this who wants that look only needs a Vivien of Holloway Frock, some Ellnette and whatever makes them happy. In my case some R & B, good company and a vat of tequila does the job. 

Fabulously suited.
However what I really enjoyed seeing were the ladies in suits. I love a suit and now that summer has gone look forward to wearing them again. You can always locate a decent quality suit in the High Street because professional wear has to conform to certain levels of smartness.  The 70’s schtick is still running on the high street but early this year there was a nod to ladylike fashion in some of the catwalk shows although the fashion world has labelled this ‘heritage’. This means there is currently in the shops a nod to tweeds and skirt suits. You can change the feel of mass produced suits very quickly using cheap alterations such as changing buttons, shortening sleeve lengths, adding trims such as fake fur or velvet and altering collars. 

Margaret Rutherford, vintage icon!
 If you are allergic to the High Street repro vintage sellers have some interesting options and I thought I would mention them.  Remember this is not a sponsored blog so these are independent recommendations (although if anyone wants to send me a freebie I’ll not complain!).

Heyday 1940's wartime suit
Heyday have produced a suit which has a very authentic wartime feel about it. The 1940's Wartime suite has a nice military feel and it will match those victory rolls perfectly.  I’m waiting for a friend to turn up in one so I can try the jacket on. I think that the suit would be fine for everyday wear and will look good accessorised with a richly textured autumn scarf and some leather gloves.  Heyday clothing always looks sturdily made and well cut when I see it worn so this is another ‘I want’ on my list of outfits.

Putting on the ritz spying for the allies suit.
Also along the same lines is Putting on the Ritz’s Spying for the Allies suit, i.e. it could be worn to Homefront events and you might just get it past the Re-enactment fanatics.  This suit has a slightly unusual cut and an edge of couture about it, probably because this small company appears to be a labour of love. An investment piece I think that could be dressed up for special events, I definitely feel it demands to be topped with an elegant hat!
Tara Starlet suit

I have seen Tara Starlet’s 'Love Army' suit worn by a friend in the green colour way.  A more jaunty cut, it still has that retro feel but it is more the kind of thing a glamorous young woman would wear whilst driving her sports car through the countryside to meet Leslie Howard for tea. It has glitzy buttons and a curvy cut.  I'm not sure if they are still selling the green one but I’d like to see Tara Starlet produce more colour ways as this is a very useful suit.

Toprunway suit (copyright Toprunway).
 I’ll probably get another suit produced by Toprunway as I like the adaptability and personal choice involved. I bought a small reproduction tilt hat in blue and black earlier in the year and am planning to have a fifties Dior style suit made in navy blue; mixing my eras again but who cares? I’ll probably get two skirts made as I always think this is a good idea: the skirts get worn more than the jackets and the colours can fade.

copyright Victiorian Gothic Clothing co

Finally I really hanker after Edwardian and Victorian clothing. One of the best is Victorian Gothic Clothing, I know several happy clients and have seen the resulting suits up close.  The client base is Gothically and steampunkishly inclined but this company will make the skirts and jackets in a gorgeous range of hues. Not cheap but just clock all that pleating.  I want the Effra suit/gown in a nice black and I can also see myself in a pale lilac version of the Kensal Green suit/gown (I am saving up now!).

copyright Victiorian Gothic Clothing co

If anyone has any comments about suiting or any recommendations do share them with us! xxx


LandGirl1980 said...

Toprunway!! ARRGGH!! I have to remember this one! I need a nice suit - although I do love to alter my highstreet stuff with different buttons etc :)

However - I would potentially give a kidney for that Puttin on the Ritz suit. Scherwooon!

LollyWillowes said...

So you would recommend, "Top Runway", then? I have been wondering about them, but it's always so hard to be sure when you can't see things or try them on.

I'd love a copy of Dior's "Bar", suit, if I had the money! And there was actually anyone who knew how to make it, given it's mad range of inbuilt structure.

Nadia said...

Amazing. People were so much more classy in the good old days!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

I do love a good suit! I used to have a lot of vintage ones but as I never wore them anymore - I don't need to wear a suit to work for myself - I sold them but I feel I'm drawn to them again.

Have to say I've seen the Heyday one in person and I really like it.

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