Monday, 25 July 2011

REVIVAL repro-vintage in Kingly Court.

Now I have already nailed my colours to the mast concerning repro clothing. I have seen some very catty comments from purists over the years. In my book purists are wonderful when they are the kind of person who shares their enthusiasm and knowledge, but when they are snide they are just another brand of prat. I am delighted to find original items when the are affordable, fit and are in decent condition but this can't always be the case especially bearing in mind modern figures. Rowena (pictured below) hails from the jive scene and has started selling a selection of well known repro brands. Many of these can be ordered on line already from reputable on-line shops however if you cannot wait it is handy to be able to run in, try on and run out with a dress you have had your eye on. 

What caught my eye was that the shop, Revival, is not limiting itself to a certain era. For example there are some lovely beaded 20's dresses (Candlelight Club and Prohibition regulars please note!). The other element is that she is selling shoes. Now I have awkward shaped feet, 80% of the time shoes won't fit me so ordering these on-line is not possible for me, I think selling repro-shoes is a very good idea. She also stocks cute silk and button hair/corsages and is hoping to stock more things from small makers. Adornment for the brain is available in the form of a small range of beautifully bound books by the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald. The shop's range will be extending to include mens wear. She is currently stocking: 

Stop Staring
Trashy Diva
Tara Starlet
Vecona Vintage
Nicole Katherine
Re-Mix Vintage Footwear
Aris Allen Swing Dance Shoes

This now means you could completely kit yourself out in the Carnaby street area: hair by Betty or the Powderpuff girls, make up from the latter, undies from Sugarlesque, frock from Revival and a hat from Atelier Millinery. Details here:

Rowena in the shop on it's opening day.
Detail of beaded 20's style dress.

Some of the dresses on sale.

Long 30's style evening frock.

Now these shoes I really want

Hair decorations/corsages.
Books, pearls and shoes...all it needs is a glass of champagne and some chocolate!


rothcomilitaryclothing said...

thanks for this lovely post..i really appreciate you for this great work... i love vintage clothing..

Lady Cherry said...

I love those shoes as well. My t bars died on me recently and they are my go to when all else fails, so I am on the look out for a new pair. I completely agree re repro clothing, although the cost of it drives me to make some of my own as well.

Helen said...

Thanks for your lovely comments and pic of my clips! Little h

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