Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Too many frocks!

To sell or not to sell. I have a lot of clothes that don’t fit. The problem is that they don’t fit by a smallish margin but big enough a margin to require a month of dedicated dieting and I am not sure I can be bothered. Then again perhaps something might happen, I might slim down and regret disposing of my lovely things.

This is not helped by my reluctance to go the ebay route. I hear of the problems professional organised ebayers have and additionally, I loathe post offices. There isn’t actually one within easy reach of work or home. And then there is the packing of parcels.

I had considered a stall, there seem to be a few places where you can rent these but this incurs a whole new series of problems. How do I get tons of clothes across town if I cannot drive? What about coat racks? Cash floats? Would I feel bad if no one wanted to buy anything or would I under price everything to be kind? On the other hand I am running out of space.

Amongst the small size 12 things I should dispose of are the perfect utility style 40’s dress in a light aqua wool,  a home sewn early 50’s swing dress and matching bolero, a gorgeous Chinese silk shanghai tang dress, a wonderful replica 30’s evening dress by Frank Usher and so forth. I should really also get rid of the 50’s red straw cap trimmed with lovely little blackberries and silk leaves, fabulous on a brunette rather than a red head. Perhaps I’ll just stick some photos on here, or more likely they will just loiter loved but unworn in my wardrobe.

I cannot, however bear to dispose of the size 10-12 Paul Smith black crepe ultra elegant cocktail dress with the mustard coloured silk lining. Who knows, perhaps when I am better if I take up jiving I might be back to my post-Japan shape? But then what would I do with all my lovely size 14 frocks?!

Has anyone out there been able to find their clothes new homes painlessly? Or does anyone share my pain?


Penny Dreadful said...

Well since I am a size 12, naturally I want you to put them all up here! I usually use ebay if I only have a few things to sell, so it depends how much you have. I find sitting at a stall and having people rifling through your things a little depressing, personally.

Porcelina said...

I share your pain completely!
Only today I've had a dispute from a buyer, I feel awful about it, I failed to notice a bit of colour fading on a jacket. It's the one item that actually sold for a decent profit, and now it looks like the profit will be wiped out.

I posted a while ago about the perils of buying and selling on ebay, here's the link if you fancy reading it:

Miss P xx

Lisa said...

First volunteer to take the 40's frock of your hands...

Lettuce said...

Hereby volunteering to take it all of your hands, if only I didn't already share your problem of too much stuff. My roomie keeps cracking jokes about having to pay for a seperate room for all my vintage stuff. -_-

Lady Cherry said...

Maybe you should put some on here? It is the perfect audience for it, you will just have to set some parameters for paying, what to do about aftersales etc. You would imagine you will get a fair price too, rather than oh I dunno £2.36 on ebay only to have them whinge about it afterwards?

I am having a clear out of clothes at the moment as I have tons that don't fit, and like you, I can't be bothered to diet. Or when I do diet, I put it on again. I was born this way, who am I to argue?

Straight Talking Mama! said...

a month of dieting I say damn you! I'm still holding on to stuff that would require 6 months of dieting int the vain hope that I will get off my fat butt and get on with it!

Polly Garter said...

I understand your pain! I am going through the same thing myself. I have just lost weight so am fluctuating between the two halves of my wardrobes. I need to clear space but am utterly unable to decide what half should be de-cluttered first.

Vix said...

get a trampoline and jog on it 40 minutes a night at least 4 times a week, to copious episodes of 'mad men' (makes it bearable and the time whizzes by) and watch the chocolate intake-I guarantee within 3 weeks you'll be wearing the size 12 stuff again and the 14's can always be taken in right? of course right! I can now wear at least 2/3's of my neglected wardrobe as a result of the above-go on girl you know you can do it!


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