Thursday, 22 July 2010

La Perla Covent Garden

On Monday, having caved in and bought another dress from Collectif I decided it was safer to stay away from tempting Vintage corners and have a drink. I was also in the company of Katie Chutzpah and she has a habit of leading me astray. On this case, as it was sunny, we strayed into La Perla, a Mexican bar/restaurant right next to the venerable Rules.

Mexican booze is something I know a little about. Apart from those cocktail shaking years I have actually been, albeit some years ago, to Mexico. Tijuana is a crazy place but the tequila is good. There is something also of a vintage vibe about those rich but denuded colours, the murky saffron yellows, dun turquoises and gooey pinks you find in Mexican establishments that is romantic in a kind of down Argentine way (but further North). There is plenty of this colour scheme at La Perla and on a Monday afternoon it had what trendier people than I would describe as a 'chilled vibe'.

There was only one drink to have, a traditional margarita in its more rustic form. Shaken with ice, edged with salt and served in a chunky tumbler. It came with the obligatory tortilla chips and salsa. It is a nice airy space, bar at the front, tables for eating at the back. It is obviously popular, as the afternoon wore on into early evening a detectable buzz started to hum. Our one or two drink intentions were lost, especially when a friend turned up and kindly bought us a few more.

I can recommend La Perla. The drinks were good (they have a happy hour (4-7)but we were happy all afternoon..) the staff friendly and it makes a very good and altogether more stylish alternative to the rubbishy mega barns that have started to appear in parts of the area. I didn't eat but a friend has assured me their prawn fajitas are wonderful. So pop on your capri pants and your best sombrero and get down there.

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Debra said...

La Perla is one of my fave London places. We ate there once and it was OK, I think I had fish...but I'd prefer to stick to the cocktails! The Margaritas are fab, very strong and potent! We went there once with another couple and the female's cocktail came in this chunky tumbler and the guy's came in the girliest form i've ever seen! Always good fun.


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